Parent/Child (ages 9 months – 3 years, co-ed)

It’s never too early to get started on building a strong foundation! Our Seeds and Seedlings classes are designed to challenge your child’s natural curiosity to move and explore. Using age-appropriate equipment, your child will be introduced to fun activities that will help improve motor skills, strength, balance and social skills. Adult participation is required.

PreSeeds (ages 4 months – 10 months)
45 minutes; $96/month

Seeds (ages 9 months – 3 years old)
45 minutes; $96/month

Seedlings (3 years old, must be potty-trained or wear pull up)
45 minutes; $96/month

Preschool (ages 4 – 6, co-ed)

Watch your child continue to grow in our Preschool Gymnastics Program. Our classes offer a theme-based lesson plan that is age appropriate for 4-6 year olds. Instructors will focus on teaching basic gymnastics skills in a fun and challenging environment that is designed to improve coordination, strength, flexibility and balance, as well as enhance social and listening skills and self-confidence.

Sprouts (4 years old)
45 minutes; $96/month

Buds (Kindergarten, ages 5 – 6 years old)
60 minutes; $113/month