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Class FAQs

What is the commitment?

  • Month to month, no long term contract.
  • Enroll at any time!
  • On the 25th of the month fixed monthly tuition fees for the following month are automatically charged from your credit card on file.
  • If you would like to drop, please send a cancellation request via the parent portal before the 25th of the month to avoid being charged and committed for the following month.
  • As of the 25th of the month you are committed to the following month, no refunds will be given.

How to get account help?

  • We handle all account help via email.  Email us at our Rockville or Clarksburg location for assistance.
  • We do not make account changes in any manner via phone or in-person.

Enrollment and Transfers?

  • All enrollments are as of the date the child is enrolled. Your class starts right away!
  • If you enroll in a class on the same day the class happens the system assumes you will be in class that day, so please either attend class that day or email us so that we can add a makeup to your account or wait to enroll the following day.
  • Please send transfer requests via the parent portal.
  • We do not do future enrollments.
  • You may enroll in a class at any time of the month.  If you join mid-month, the first month will be pro-rated.  After your first month, charges are a fixed monthly fee.
  • We do not pause class enrollment.

How much are classes?

  • We charge a fixed monthly tuition fee.  See our class schedule to see the fee for the specific class you are interested in.

What is the membership fee?

  • There is a one-time registration fee of $50 at our Clarksburg location and $65 at our Rockville location applied to all new families.  The registration fee is per family, not per child.
  • The registration fee is required to waitlist for a class. If you are unable to get into your class within 6 months and would like to be removed from the waitlist, please submit a request and we will refund the registration fee.
  • There are NO OTHER REFUNDS of the registration fee.

When is your monthly fee?

  • Monthly tuition fee charged on the 25th of the month for the following month. Example: tuition charged on August 25th for September classes.
  • $5 NSF fee charged to all declined payments.

Do you offer discounts?

  • We offer both multi-class and multi-siblings discounts.  These discounts are 10% off the lower priced class.  Multi-class discounts apply to any athlete who enrolls in more than 1 class at a time.  Multi-sibling discounts apply to any additional children enrolled in classes in your family account.  Multi-class and sibling discounts don’t apply together.

Do you offer trial classes?

  • At this time, we are not offering trial classes, but we encourage you to come observe a class or sign up for a class with our flexible month to month commitment.

What is the waitlist?

  • You are welcome to waitlist for as many classes as you want.  The only charge to waitlist is the original registration fee.  We will email all of the families on the waitlist at the same time.  Whoever responds to that email first, via email, gets the open spot!  Do not call or email questions or you will miss the opening.

Makeup Policy

  • We offer a flexible unlimited makeup policy.  So that we can continue this makeup procedure, we allow students to make up missed classes with a future absence submitted.  To create more spaces and maximize makeup options for everyone, you must submit a future absence 48 hours before your class to be eligible for a makeup. Makeups will NOT be coordinated via email or on the phone, only through you in the parent portal.  In the event of emergency or last minute illness, please reach out to us via the parent portal prior to the start time of your child’s class (for Covid-related exposure or symptoms, please follow current CDC guidelines).
  • You may schedule makeups up to 7 days prior to the scheduled absence.
  • If you withdraw from class, you have then forfeited all of your makeups.
  • Submitting your absence ahead of time provides other families with the opportunity to plan/schedule makeups. Therefore, as soon as you are aware of a future absence, please schedule your absence in the parent portal.  There are no rescheduling of makeups or makeups for missed makeups, period.

Click Here For Steps on How To Schedule Your Absence/Makeup

What days will the gym be closed for holidays?

Click here to view holiday closures.

Will my tuition be prorated for holiday closures?

  • No. We include a minimum of 48 classes per calendar year in tuition. Most months have four classes, while some months have five classes and a few months have three classes.

What if there is inclement weather?

  • We make every effort to communicate gym delays or closures at the earliest possible moment via e-mail directly to our currently enrolled families.  For that reason, it is key that we have your email in our system and that you did not opt out of receiving communications from us in the Parent Portal.

My child has special needs. Can he/she enroll in classes?

  • Please contact us prior to registering to make sure we can provide the appropriate level of care & support for your child.  Safety is a priority, and enrolled children must be able to stay with their group, follow instructions, and cooperate with other children and staff.  An evaluation may be recommended to determine readiness.

What should my child wear?

  • In the Ninja Gym athletic attire and sneakers with laces that can be tightened are encouraged.
  • In the Preschool and Recreational Gymnastics Gyms, a leotard with biker tights, unitard, or fitted athletic attire is encouraged. There are no shoes or socks worn by gymnasts in the gym area. Parents in the Preschool Gym will also be asked to take off shoes but may leave socks on.

ALL GYM SPACES: No two piece or mid drift clothing permitted.