Girls Gymnastics Classes

The fun keeps coming and the learning never stops in our Girls Gymnastics Classes! Classes are based on a skill progression system that guides each student from basic to more advanced skills in a safe, challenging environment. Focus on strength, flexibility, body awareness and coordination will help each student to progress at their own level, all the while developing self-confidence and self-discipline.

Level 1 Classes

Beginner Blooms (6 – 10 years old)
60 minutes; $113/month

Level 2/3 Classes (Skill Evaluation Required)

Intermediate/Advanced Blooms (6 – 10 years old)
75 minutes; $118/month

Blossoms (11yrs & up)
75 minutes; $118/month

Super Buds (6 – 8 years old – Skill Evaluation Required)
Super Buds I – 2 hours; $165/month
Super Buds II – 2.5 hours; $210/month

Starbursts (5.5 – 8 years old – Skill Evaluation Required)

1.5 hours; $122/month


Need to learn or improve your tumbling skills? Look no further! Following skill progression lesson plans and drills, students will learn proper tumbling technique in a safe, fun environment that will focus on developing strength, flexibility and agility.

Tumbling (ages 6 to 10 years old)
60 minutes; $113/month

Tumbling (ages 11 to 18 years old)
60 minutes; $113/month